I now offer formal expert co-mediation services.


  • It solves problems about choice of mediator. Should you choose a lawyer or a non-lawyer?  Should you choose sector specialist or a generalist? You can have both.

  •  Less down time at the mediation. You are not sitting around waiting for the mediator so much if there are two actively involved in the process.

  • Two pairs of eyes and ears can be better than one. Especially in a multi-party mediation or even in a two-party mediation if large teams are present where there is lot going on.

  • Greater range and diversity of background and expertise.


  • Increased cost.   But  two co-mediators will not cost you twice as much. Please see the Rates page for details of charges.  For most cases there is a 25% uplift on the standard charge for a single mediator. That’s excellent value.

  • You have to prepare two sets of the mediation papers instead of one.

  • The mediators might not get on with each other.  True, which is why I am only working with mediators that I have worked with before.

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