Standard 8 hour mediation

Value of dispute (£) Rate (£)
Up to 25K 750
25 - 50K 1000
50-100K 2000
100-250K 2500
250K-550K 2750
550K-1M 3000
over 1M By arrangement



This amount is for the mediation and it is usually split equally between the parties. It includes all preparation and travel time (in England and Wales).

The rate for half-day mediations is two-thirds of the full day rate.
The hourly rate for extra hours is £300 - 450.
Rates exclude VAT.



  1. For a co-mediation the standard daily rate is increased by 25% with a minimum fee of £1750.
  2. Fees for co-mediation are for the co-mediation and are not per mediator.