FAQs for Mediators

2017 - Bloomsbury - ISBN9781426500854

Real life usable answers to 50 common ethical, practical and technical problems faced by mediators.

"Thought provoking as well as informative, it really does get to grips with those knotty issues we have to deal with from time to time" John Pugh-Smith, Mediator

"A really practical book, this is a must have." Stephen Wood, Mediator

Mediation: An A-Z Guide

2016 - Bloomsbury - ISBN9781780439969

More than just a dictionary, a curated guide through the thicket of mediation jargon with practical advice and explanations.

"A useful guide for mediators, a representative, a client, a lawyer, a non-lawyer and students at all levels." Sue Bayram, Chairman, Academy of Experts

"Very readable in a pick up and flick through way" Sue Bayram, Chairman, Academy of Experts

Setting up in business as a Mediator

2015 - Bloomsbury - ISBN9781780439938

Practical tested guidance on how to set up and develop your mediation practice from a mediator who has done it. Covers all aspects of setting up and building a business.

"Amazon needs to create a 6th star for this book" Stephen Wood, Mediator

"This book is exactly what i needed 15 years ago and with it I would possibly be a very successful full-time mediator" Chris Makin, Forensic Accountant

Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation

2018 - 2nd ed Bloomsbury - ISBN 978 1 52650 793 8

Learn how mediation really works. Experienced mediator and advocate shows you how to get the best outcome from mediation.

"Excellent book... give copies to each of those attending your next mediation - it will make it so much easier"  Law Society Gazette


Advising and Representing Clients at Mediation

2013 - Wildy - ISBN9780854901210

Part of the Wildy Practice Guides series, gives invaluable guides to lawyers, surveyors and other professionals attending mediations.

"Very practical text to help lawyers and their clients do what they do at mediatons... In a punchy readable style" Tony Allen, Mediator & Senior Consultant to CEDR

"Just what is needed" Gary Webber, Mediator